Jamie Arino

Covid-19 Survival Tips

We are hopefully over the worst of the restrictions for Covid-19 but this experience has been stressful and you may be left feeling negative, anxious or depressed due to this experience changing the way we live and view are environment.   Maintaining our psychological wellbeing is important because when are mental health is strained our physical …

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Calling all Tagalog speaking psychologists, social workers and counsellors!

We are looking for qualified Tagalog speaking psychologists, social workers or counsellors to take part in a 3-month pilot program to deliver Text based counselling services to the Philippines corporate clients impacted by Covid-19. We need people that understand cultural sensitivities, are willing to learn and adjust to a new client relationship management system along …

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Welcome to our academic #mentalhealthwarriors!

Virtual Psychologist has teamed up with the Queensland University of Technology to support 5 students of the Master of Information Technology degree complete their research for their industry project. The students all have diverse educational backgrounds, are all user experience (UX) majors, and will be prototyping a mobile application to be developed in conjunction with …

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Welcome our newest #MentalHealthWarrior Dr. Mary Asic-Kobe

Virtualpsychologist is delighted and excited to welcome Dr. Mary Asic-Kobe as our clinical Director for Digital Services starting on Monday 6th April 2020. Mary is a Clinical Psychologist and has a vast array of experience in assessment and diagnosis, psychological therapy, cross-cultural counselling, clinical supervision, and organisational consulting. Mary has worked in both clinical and …

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Meet Refactor, our second IT team!

The Refactor team are helping Virtual Psychologist with our development in the world of artificial intelligence and assisted technologies with the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are really excited to explore how these technologies, in conjunction with AWS, can propel Virtual Psychologist into the future providing first class mental health support globally.

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