Why is breath control so important when you have anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the growing mental illnesses affecting Australians. In 2007, anxiety disorders were the most common mental disorders, affecting 14% of all people aged 16-85 years in the 12 months prior to the survey. The word anxiety can sometimes be misinterpreted, so it is good to clarify what is meant when we say

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Promoting Text counselling in Tamworth

A great interview with Sally-anne Whitten from 92.9fm Tamworth radio to discuss the benefits of text counselling for those in the rural and remote community. Further information about tips and techniques to help people identify and support people with mental health issues. There is no doubt that our people in the rural and remote areas are

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Text Counselling benefits

Text counselling is becoming more popular in the corporate sector. For many people the thought of phone or face to face services are too confrontational. In fact 44% of those people who have engaged in our service report that they would not have reached out for any psychological help if text counselling had not been

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