Our Story

Our Story

Why Virtualpsychologist was started.

It’s not a long winded story, Dervla says. “It’s simple… when working in Government for mental health services I was called to attend a young mans home who needed help, only for everyone to find that he had committed suicide earlier that day. When I arrived, his mobile phone was with him. It was obvious he hadn’t spoken to anyone about whatever it was that was troubling him. If only someone could have reached him with a simple Text Message. Sometimes, picking up the phone and talking is way too hard for someone going through such challenges, but even though most people won’t talk, almost everyone will at the very least communicate over Text. So, that’s when I went home that very day and quit my job and started Virtualpsychologist. It wasn’t rocket science. Something had to be done to prevent this from happening to others”.

Dervla is the engine power behind the company, taking out various Awards and partnering with some of Australia’s biggest corporate companies as well as being a sought after keynote speaker and a thriving entrepreneur with a unique set of professional qualifications and skills in Mental Health.

We want you to know that by supporting us, you’re not only supporting a company that is making a measurable difference in the lives of others, but you’re also saving lives. Please don’t discount the effect your support is having. We just want to say Thank You, because we really do appreciate your support in helping us make the world a better place… for everyone.

A few of our corporate clients and partners.