About us

About half the people with a mental health concern never accept support.

People find face to face services too confronting, too inconvenient, or simply unavailable.

In today’s tech-driven world, our virtual psychologist services meet the evolving needs of those seeking support.

We utilize digital platforms for easy, confidential connections with mental health professionals via text, video, and audio.

Additionally, we integrate advanced wearables for real-time emotional and physiological monitoring, enhancing our effectiveness in promoting mental well-being.

“We imagine a world where anyone can access hope”

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We provide and encourage opportunities to connect. We respect and value connection in whatever method or means preferred. We are passionate about caring and connecting with people.


We support everyone to do the best job they are capable of. We want our team to bring their A-game to the table and be the greatest version of themselves. We show that we genuinely care.


We use technology to enhance human connection and make the world a better place. We get excited about innovation and technology in mental health. We see what is possible.


We foster an environment that encourages people to flourish and thrive. We know we can always do better and endeavour to challenge the status quo.


We embrace differences. We push boundaries and see potential. We welcome different views and perspectives. Every day we create a more connected and compassionate world.