The Virtual Psychologist Pilot Program, funded by the Hunter, New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network (HNECC PHN), provides essential support to mothers in the NSW towns of Narrabri, Gunnedah, and Moree facing Post Natal challenges. Over 25 weeks, participants receive 10 personalised mixed-based therapy sessions, addressing key areas such as attachment, breastfeeding, sleep patterns, role/relationship identity, and self-care providing an integrated approach to mental wellness. This innovative service, accessible via text, video, or audio, offers flexible scheduling to fit participants' needs and integrates external referrals for specialised care.

Key Program Features:

  • FREE (funded by the Primary Health Network (the PHN))
  • Easy to access
  • Available to people in their own time and space
  • Delivered directly to people via a channel of their choice (Text, video, or audio)

This innovative service funded by the PHN has been designed to offer flexible scheduling to accommodate participant availability and optimise treatment outcomes. Additionally, external referral sources for specialised services are integrated, ensuring a seamless continuum of care beyond the pilot phase.

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Primary health care professionals play a vital role in referring and supporting participants, contributing to a collaborative care system. Post-pilot, participants receive follow-up consultations as needed, ensuring ongoing support and monitoring of progress

Mothers seeking support can scan the relevant QR code below or send an SMS or WhatsApp message to +61 481 612 906 (text line only). Appointments are available between 9am – 8pm subject to availability; scan the QR codes below to check for session availability.

Text Sessions: Through text-based sessions (SMS, or WhatsApp), people can openly share their thoughts and emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of their mental health needs.

Video Sessions: A personalized touch can make all the difference. Video sessions provide a warm and comforting space for people to connect with our qualified mental health professionals.

Audio Sessions:  In the comfort of their space, people can speak freely about their concerns during our audio sessions, creating a safe and confidential environment for healing.

Booking Made Easy

All that people need to do is scan the relevant QR code below or send an SMS, or WhatsApp message to +61 481 612 906 (text line only) and they are connected to Virtual Psychologist. Appointments available between 9am – 8pm (Monday- Friday) and 9am- midday (Saturday) subject to availability, scan QR codes below to check for session availability.

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