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Proactive, empowering and data driven solution|
Proactive, empowering and data driven solution|
Proactive, empowering and data driven solution|

An HR Manager simply visits the website and reviews the packages that best suit their companies needs and pay for only what they need. They simply engage and connect their employees to the Hopechat wellbeing App via QR code, email, or uploaded CSV file of employees. Finally, they can study and explore aggregated data on the health of their organisation through live dashboards.

For the employee they simply create their own unique login with an OTP to access their personalised account.

They can undertake a variety of assessments that best suit their requirements and lifestyle and then review their personalised results and access customised content and live dashboards to interactively monitor their own wellbeing.

For optional assistance they can book a chat, video, or audio session with a mental health professional of their choice, to review their results and provide ongoing treatment.

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Hopechat is a convenient, accessible, and secure platform for staff members to measure their own wellbeing providing clinical focused, personalised, and customised content and the option to engage with a Mental Health practitioner through a mode of their choice.

For organisations it is a cost effective, scalable, and global solution.

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We provide innovative mental health services by qualified mental health practitioners to those people who find mainstream services too embarrassing, too confronting, too inconvenient, or simply not available.

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